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Well-known Chinese home appliance industry

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Well-known Chinese home appliance industry, media, red, held that the pool of people: the vicious attacks on the negative news media made some vulgar petty profits of the trick.

Industry experts also believe that the national water heater industry should fight against internal china motor friction, with as many resources to core technology research and development and quality control, local media should also take the process of national industry and the rise of Renaissance brand protection responsibilities. As a socially responsible businesses, not just because of the difficulty of giving up the usual operating criteria, so forward consistently high-quality line of technical innovation.

Shanghai Need for strategic brand marketing planning agencies wash machine spare parts Manufacturers the company resisted the temptation, do not blindly follow the trend.washmotor. Because the striker clear: To revitalize the national water heater industry, we must get rid of the old vicious internal friction of war, to make up for the lack of core technology and product control degrees backward.

Over the years, forward use of military technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the many water heater products, such as pulse ignition gas water heater, gas water heaters, lead-free, “active” condensing gas water heater.

The face of “war of words”, “price war” and other national brands complicated internal friction of war, always forward with great concentration specializes in core technology, not the interests of gains and losses for the temporary upset. But the face of these difficulties, forward water heater industry has always been to save the national responsibility, perseverance and for independent core technology development and quality control. Most of these enterprises have the following characteristics:

First, corporate leaders have a strong symbol of social responsibility and the overall situation, avoid short-term interests of the doctrine;

Second, core technology with a strong independent research and development capacity in order to compete with foreign brands;

Third, with very strict quality control awareness and systems;

4, with strong brand power and industrial position.

Addition to focusing on core technology research and development, quality control, forward particularly concerned about the consumer after-sales service, with full respect for the interests of consumers.

The current status of national water heater industry, steel striker Yang, chairman, said: independent development of core technology innovation is the forward key task of stirring up ethnic save weight.

Since the successful development of a number of core technologies and thoughtful service, the striker received a business on the “China Famous Brand”, “Chinese famous brand”, “blue flame certification” and other honors, this water heater industry in China, or even the entire appliance industry in China are quite”>wash machine spare parts Manufacturers believe that ethnic strife in the way of internal friction water heater industry, mainly in the following categories:

First, most national brand water heater on the amount of profit to low-cost model, by means of compressed copy imitation cut R & D costs, often vicious competition with local brands.. But the national water heater industry still faced a long-term internal friction of the torture and pain. Meanwhile, the striker also guarantee to consumers: central city site service within 24 hours, the warranty period, customers with a valid warranty certificate will be treated free of charge warranty. Eventually lead to brand devaluation;

Second, “war of words” is also a national brand competition water heater means of the usual speculation, some vulgar media stakes involved for Lampblack machine motor them, this “war of words” national water heater industry consumes too many resources and energy, can not return to the real commercial competition track. Water heater industry critical to national occasion, striker to come forward and eventually save the industry, the national water heater.washmotor.From the last century, the national water heater industry began more than ten years of internal friction of war, resulting in added value of national brand is far behind foreign brands.

As this part of the core technology research and development of national water heater brand strength of rapid promotion, national water heater industry in recent years, gradually returning to normal business and nature of competition and foreign water heater industry has become more narrow the disparity of power. Ultimately, the lack of core technology and high added value brands and brand national brand premium rate could not exceed 30% of the foreign brand to compete, only to be thrown farther more

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